Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 25, 2014

GOLD DIGGERS~by Bernard Owor




They prey on the lonely hearts in search of love
Beauty and charms are the tools of their trade
Angels of deception with warm smiles and kisses
With passionate embraces and hidden agendas

They seem young and naïve innocently sweet
Defiling the name of love for selfish interests
They want fancy cloths and gems that shine
Using their bodies as bait to trap the blind

They care not for age to them it’s just a number
They care not for looks the richer the better
They don’t think twice to destroy a marriage
So as to fulfill their hunger and greedy desires

Their hearts are cold only care for themselves
And they are not afraid to leave collateral damage
These human leeches suck money not blood
And they do not stop till they have sucked you dry

Watch out for these wolves wearing sheep’s clothing
They are ruthless and deadly once the see a target
Their talons and claws can tear your heart apart
These people I speak of are known as GOLD DIGGERS

By Bernard Owor

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