Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 26, 2014

A CHILD CRY~by Bernard Wachira




In so much pain a child is born,
After nine months of growing inside,
The joy of the mother comes to be,
Few months down the line she grows,
Mother discovers the mental disorder,
Her joy and love of the child changes,
Treating her like a stranger next door.

In the news a child was saved,
Taken away from a killer mother,
A mother who wanted to snatch a life,
Just so a man can accept to marry her,
Few years down the line he grows,
Taken in by an institution of hope,
Raising him with so much love.

Every child needs a caring hand,
A hand to hold them leading way,
Unchaining them from the hurt,
Helping them through the storms,
Touching their souls with love,
No matter the sickness a child suffers,
They are angels a gift from God.

It’s not a choice these children make,
No matter the situation loving is a must,
They don’t deserve the hate we show,
Turning our faces away from them,
Hiding them keeping them in chains,
But all they need is understanding,
Unconditional love a shoulder to lean.

Copyright Reserved
Bernard Wachira
Tel: +2540707472370

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