Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 26, 2014

FIELDS OF HEATHER~by Heather Burns




If you ever go to Scotland
on a summer day
you’ll fall in love with Heather
Heathers blooming along the

raising their tiny heads to
address the day
you won’t believe their beauty
they will take your breath away

this is a magical time
Heathers growing wild and free
looking at a field of flowers
captivated by their beauty

delicate tiny bows catching in
the wind
they color the landscape lovely
blossoms blend

Heathers hue begs attention
from Pinks to firey Reds
God smiled on the appearance
Of their beautiful flower beds

fragrance of Honeysuckle
sweetness of the Rose
fill the air with promise
as Heather puts on her pose

Petals softly speak
of luck and good cheer
she’ll return again in the
coming year

Heather is my namesake
I am proud to say
Long ago far away
My father fell in love with
On another summer day.


Fields of Heather is dedicated
to my father Levi Burns
(c) copyright heather burns


  1. Oh, those summer days. Your words make me yearn to see the Scottish heather. Toni

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