Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 26, 2014

If You Come…..~by Rajendra Padhi



If You Come…..

If you come after so many years
Like a lost child,
The key of my heart is far from me
My kids hungry for love keep it,
Slowly and playfully in lowly wind
Bring all seasons
Better than our spring,
I fondle them as green grass
In the lawn of life
Softer than the kisses
I planted on your cheeks,
No more I am scattered
Like sand in front of your home,
In vain verbiage of adornment
Inquest of treasure not to get,
Words are gems so pure
My little kids speak to me.

I thank you
For breaking my heart,
It needs to be broken once
To write a poem on you.

Composed and copy right by Rajendra k. Padhi


  1. Well crafted poem.
    So much said with so few words.

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