Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 26, 2014





It was a time of low tide; our parents were busy by the seaside
While my friends and I were lazing and playing by the roadside
Suddenly out of the blue, a big army truck halted by our side
Carrying a roguish group of armed men so crowded inside
They offered to give us delicious treats and then a joyride
But we declined as we had been cautioned never to abide
We had also been taught to steer far and very, very wide
From such situations, to waste no time! To run and hide!
But what transpired next was so sudden it tossed our guard aside
They jumped out, surrounded us and begun to bark orders and chide
To our utmost terror and confusion, brute force was mercilessly applied
We were beaten senseless, quickly roughly gagged and tightly tied
Nothing made sense! But it was plain to see that our goose was fried
Rebel groups would deviously enlist the use of a traitor local guide
Who presented them with road maps and information secretly spied
From helpless villages, they knew everything, all movements carefully eyed
They could appear and disappear as they chose, thus our childhood died
Blindfolded and terrified, no we were petrified we cried, we cried and we cried
We traveled for days our pleas for food and water were ruthlessly denied
It was either be a soldier or be beheaded conditions set for us to decide
We were trained to be monsters lacking humanity both inside and outside
To this vile atrocity! How could Almighty God our father let things slide?????

It was at that moment in time that my beliefs and faith begun to collide
For men with power, ruled like gods and their reign of evil set free to glide
To what I was forced to witness and do, gives me horrible shame not pride
Part of the initiation was to kill our own or get killed, it was rule and divide
Saw a groom get killed while watching this beastly dogs gang rape his bride
Life to us was a nightmare with questions no man or God had answers to provide
Long after the war I still get no sleep, I still have no peace thou indeed I’ve tried
All I can think of is ending my burning pain and regret by committing suicide
Because I became a part of what is now known as the Rwandan genocide
Now I do not belong, I am all alone, my anguish prolong with none to confide
My road to being a child soldier was a road to hell how well the two coincide
And so am forever lost not letting bygones be bygones, into darkness I stride…….

By Bernard Owor

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