Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2014

HOPESTERS~by Jernail S Anand




I don’t mind if my wealth dwindles
and the ozone layer
is torn beyond repair;

nor I mind the loss
of this wholesome body;
nor the spreading visions
of this edenic land;

i don’t mind being called a pagan
or dubbed a non-conformist;
nor even if i am condoned
or condemned

all my senses of pain and pleasure
are riveted only at one point;
and that is a hope

to return to you;
and for that, i fear not, if
i have in store
a thousand suns
and a million moons

i am made of hopeful stuff;
my bones and my blood
are soaked in dreams;

and even when i die,
i lie in a trance;
and after the last rites;
i come back in the same circumstance;

wait for me;
i shall come; tomorrow, if not today;
life is a gone affair
if loves do not stay.

dr j.s. anand
all rights reserved; 2014


  1. Greetings from the professor! How are you?

    • good thank YOU and yourself?

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