Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2014

LOVE STRUCK~by Bernard Wachira




With these roses am handing to you,
Comes the reality of my great love,
Because it is you I crown mine today,
Making a golden mark an array of love,
In its pure form more than shining gold,
Precious more than any other gem,

My life is wrapped around yours,
Our hearts bound closer by true love,
Holding hands feeling your warmth,
Lost in your gaze as your eyes sparkle,
Sparkling brighter than the sun in the sky,
With a glow which brightens my face.

In my heart I feel the heart beat,
Mine doesn’t skip but beat in excitement,
In a moment or two am lost of words,
Drawing letters on the sand with toes,
For your beauty makes me lose my breath,
With words failing me dead in silence.

Your love broke my life of solitude,
Looking out of the window for love,
Kissing many frogs looking for the right one,
Searching in the dating sites for acceptance,
Making my head turn for recognition,
As all I needed has been found in you.

In the wake of a breeding heart you came,
In the dawn of losing hope love called,
When tears started falling you wiped,
When the doors of my heart closed,
You came with your keys and opened,
And until now it has never been locked,
For you keep me floating in the pool of love.

Copyright Reserved
Bernard Wachira

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