Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2014

Perpetual Victim ~ by rldubour



Perpetual Victim

For many years I have seen this,
will never understand.
Why one would take such great abuse
by someone’s ugly hand?

Don’t take a rocket scientist
to view a face all swelled.
I ask why do they live like this?
Why are they compelled?

They live a life of hurt and pain
self pity in their mind.
The reason is low self esteem,
self-worth they can not find.

No other person has the right
to treat someone this way.
These victims of this daily plight
in fear they live each day.

Thinking they deserve this treatment,
abuse of any kind.
They live inside their lonely world,
happy days left behind.

There are some people in this life
that live for such abuse.
Forgiving all those incidents
with another lame excuse.

It seems a shame they live like this
they know no other way.
Abusers like to take control
a fear game they do play.


To any one that’s listening
and living life this way.
don’t tolerate abusiveness
call 911 today.


  1. Powerful message here.

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