Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2014

RAY OF HOPE~by Bernard Wachira




When tears flow like a stream,
This soul warrows in sorrows,
Dead in the silence of the night,
I start singing the silent night hymn,
With calm breeze and stars glitter,
Brings a moment of calm silence,
As I bond together with nature.

With this inner peace my spirit rise,
A bitter heart turns to sweet roses,
An impending tear rolls back in,
Inspirations rise above expectation,
With a glittering ray of shining light,
Uniting in one too many colors,
Just like a rainbow forms in the sky.

In time when they black paint me,
Turning my truth to lies upside down,
Like paparazzi they take every shot,
But as clear as a crystal ball it shows,
For my truth they can’t sweep under,
So is your truth will always shine,
For the world putting them to shame.

When all voices have lost reason,
I strive to be the voice of reason,
Uniting together consenting voices,
Shinning a ray of uplifting hope,
Giving a slap of reality to all lies,
While opening up doors for the truth,
And letting it shine brighter wide open.

Copyright Reserved
Bernard Wachira

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