Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 31, 2014

Daily missive for Thursday the 31st of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 31st of July.

In a quiet moment,
When time slows to walking pace
And even my shadow has a chance
To re-attach,
The tiredness has a way
Of creeping up
And anesthetising me.

All of my energy evaporates,
And the effort
To lift, even a finger,
Proves too much.
Eye lids droop,
My head lolls.
Imagination plays tricks
And I can sleep
Without ever knowing.

Until, with a loud snort,
A fearsome retort
And grumpy mumble
To an invisible friend,
I cause mild alarm
In other diners,
Still waiting for their tapas
And iced tea.

Dappled butterflies,
And a corps of pretty Damsons
Dance before me,
As I drift, gently,
In and out of
This sublime
Day dreaming time.
Until the waiter,
Only a moment
Too late,
Clatters an empty plate,
And with a start
I re-focus,

A kamikaze wasp
Bombs my empty cup
And the day tastes good.
I want it to last forever,
If only it could.
Until I catch a headline
On a discarded paper
Lying on the next table,
And realise,
That for some strange reason,
Such peace
Does not travel well.
The devil tolls
A tireless bell.

And in too many places.
Small children
With tear stained faces,
Live with fear,
Die in their sleep.
Their souls to keep.
And I give a wish
That one day soon,
They will find
What I have around me.
Peace and tranquillity,
Hope and good fortune
For all of their days.

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