Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 31, 2014

Field Of Flowers~by rldubour



Field Of Flowers

The other day I walked through a magnificent field of flowers.
As I stopped in awe, it must have been for hours.
The marvels of Mother Nature as her wild flowers grow.
The fragrance and the beauty few will seldom know.
And if you are a lucky one you will truly see.
Just think about the wild flowers and why they came to be.
Mother Nature at her best all dressed up in her flowered dress.
The wild flowers grow, in their field of happiness.
And if you look real close amazing things you see.
The flowers giving nectar to the honeybees.
With this they make their honey the sweetness I can taste.
This is the job of Mother Nature, nothing goes to waste.
With butterflies and hummingbirds flittering all about.
To fully grasp the beauty no one will ever doubt.
The meadowlarks and chirping frogs all this you can hear.
And all the living creatures the field of flowers holds so dear.
The next time you go walking find a field of flowers.
You will hear and see just what I mean; maybe you will stay for hours.

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