Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 1, 2014

Kill For Power~by Melvina Germain



Kill For Power

Tormented over the crushing blade of hatred,

bludgeoned characters, broken spirits, troubled

storms, slashed hope and wasted life.  The

humanic demon surges beneath the shell and

deadens ones soul. Still delving deeper and

deeper yet to the door of death, perceived by

many to be of no return.

Slovenly, distorted minds, captured by the goat

of evil, hoofs trampling all that stand for decency,

for innocence, all who scream for peace, for

deliverance, for hope of a better world.

We hear the tintinnabulation of church bells in

the distance, the stammering sound of pain after

gunshots waning through the air.  We hear rocks

cry out from an ancestry who died by the hands

of evil, whose pain still drift perhaps unknown in

spirit.  Cry for peace, for thunder to reign

truth.  Clenching their invisible fists, held high.

Bemused are those who look from behind the

window of other lands.  Transfixed on the

relentless behavior of religious men, the greed

of such mockery of the Holy Spirit.  Costume

wearers with deep pockets, hurl rules to starve

and kill.  Kill a people, genocide at will. Holy men

gone bad, Holy men that never were.  Followers,

the hem of evil robes trail behind.

Tears fall, from mothers, fathers, widows and

widowers.  Poor mothers bending in pain, saliva

draining to the ground, when will I see my baby

again, when will I see my baby again, Screaming,

when will I see my baby again.  As the tops of

their head kiss the earth, all will dream of a new

life, a new birth.

God Bless the sufferers, dear God your Kingdom

must be full, for the death toll on earth is high.

I pray for “PEACE” may it come soon and find

its way.  You are the only one, dear God that

can save this wretched day.  Swing low sweet

spirit, swing low sweet spirit and cover all

who stand in need.

Written by:  Melvina Germain

Date:          August 01/2014

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