Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 4, 2014

A Soundless Song!~by Rochish Mon



A Soundless Song!

An unknown bird sings
A soundless song!

Notes were felt
Not heard
Though inaudible
It was unfolded-

The song is in various imperceptible scales
With very many indefinable tempos

Origin of the song has not been found
It must have been there prior to mankind-

Learned and lettered try to grab the song
Alas, they have completely failed
Even for the lay men, the song prevails
Despite they do not have great mind-

Interpretations a lot for the song
Without interpolations, continues, the song-

Surely, it is the only thing
That was not spoiled
After all, ah, we could find
A thing that was unspoiled-

How do we call that song?

Shall we call it as time??

By Rochishmon

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