Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 4, 2014

I give you~by Wesley Rode



I give you

I can’t give you money
just take this, may you laugh when I say something funny,

All I want is to share
more good then bad
Not to confuse but to let you see and understand,
I don’t want to give you math
Nor do I want do give yo a test
Encripted lines, I just state facts,

I gues this could be a quest
to find out the answer to a question
Is the words fiction or fact
I’ll never answer that,

Now All I can give
My rhimes with a few calculated lines
Poetry were never a crime,
My advice, don’t be shy,
We share many a universal feeling
May my words be like herbs and keep on healing
Maybe I can give you something to believe in,
For a moment is precious,
time not to waiste or waite
It can become to late,
Never and now is the perfect moment

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