Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 4, 2014





Maintains control thou its wild and free
No matter the storm it grows to a tree
And often adapts and learns with glee
When facing hardships it does not flee

To never give up is its solemn decree
It argues not but agrees to disagree
Wisdom of life is its most valued degree
Loses not focus to worldly pleasures spree

It is truly the bravest soul you will ever meet
Battling problems that often come in a fleet
Whenever it falls, its quick to rise to its feet
And fears not to start over on a clean sheet

It knows things aren’t always what they seem
And applies wits to any decision it may deem
Know that the past is beyond hope to redeem
And wallows not in regrets and low esteem

It never makes promises it cannot keep
Never follows trends blindly like sheep
It scales mountains no matter how steep
Always vigilant to shadows that creep

It always plants many a righteous seed
And tends to each and their every need
It Is never afraid to work hard and bleed
And does whatever it takes to succeed

By Bernard Owor

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