Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 7, 2014

ღ Walk Away ღ~by Dreaming Poet



ღ Walk Away ღ

ღ Walk Away ღ

Another night alone in my bed
Another dream lying among the dead

Another vision as I close my eyes
Another memory shoving off in disguise

How could this be you
How could this be true

The soul I’ve loved is no longer found
This new one I can’t impound

Features seemingly the same
Different spirit to your name

Wish I’ve never seen that other face
Duality you kept hidden without a trace

Yet, better know it now, than too late
Better see it than wonder and debate

Painful separation,
Not a total devastation.

I’ll survive.. I’ll carry on
But to your lie I can’t hold on

How blindly I fell for your artificiality
So walk away with your duality

Figment of imagination brutally withdrawn
With the dying dusk and newborn dawn

To my love you were so uncouth
So walk away, let me breathe some truth.

ღ Mira ღ


  1. beautiful poem, great story, thanks

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