Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 7, 2014

The Valley~by Tom Higgins



The Valley

I am walking in the valley
The many shades of green valley.
I breathe in deeply
As I walk,
The clean fresh air
Blowing from the Western ocean.

I feel renewed by the valley,
The greenest green valley.
I am awakened once more
As I continue,
Refreshed by the beauty
By which I am surrounded.

There Is peace in the valley
The lovely lime and emerald valley.
The silence is broken
Only by the breeze
The haunting call of the buzzard
And the distant gurgling of the beck.

Time slows down in the valley
The grassy leaf dappled valley.
I am alive and aware
Of everything around me.
I stop, and stare,
I breathe the valley.

Tom Higgins 06/08/2014

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