Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 8, 2014

RIVER’S LOVE~by Saroj Padhi




The sweet ever-forgiving river of your heart
Filled with love divine soaks me into
The depth of the blue bliss at its floor
With light of moon shining on the beaming door .

As my eyes rest on your vast vibrant bosom
The music of murmuring ripples
Passes into my pining soul
soaked in the neon love of reflected lights
from electric bulbs far above her chest
hanging from the bridge’s body at the crest;
its pillars dreaming
under the canopy of dark clouds
with the river breathing silent love
into the hearts of glowing stars
dancing on the surface of waters ;

our hearts lusted to relish the release
after sweet relief of an end to flood scare
we gather here on the bank to gossip and stare
at the vast stretches of water kissing moon beams
and our hearts slowly walking into a land of happy dreams .

comp. n copyright :saroj k. padhi 08/08/14

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