Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 9, 2014

The Heart’s Reflection~by Poems Gedichte

We love with all our heart and hope to be loved back.
We project our love onto the other but can only hope that it is so.
Our lover is a mirror and we hope to find our heart’s reflection there.



The Heart’s Reflection

I reach to touch, is it too much?
My way is bending slightly.
I think about your smiling face
And linger on it lightly.

I want to know the story of
The parts that tell your story.
Don’t leave the details dangling.
I’m sure they are not boring.

I laugh and sing my favorite song
That mentions why I’m wanting.
The chorus lifts my spirits up.
The words are deep and haunting.

Your smile lightens looming clouds;
A face that captures vision.
The question if I stay or go
Is not a hard decision.

I reach? I touch? What shall I do?
My wishes shy rejection.
I only hope my longing love
Will find your heart’s reflection.

CA Roberts 08.08.14

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