Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 11, 2014

STOLEN KISSES~by Wesley Rode




Your inocence shines with beauty
a beauty fully deserving of your purity,
I’m honoured to be
in your presence
to be your present,

Love to me is more,
it’s heavenly like the celestial beings in this night sky
It’s more then the most beautiful poem and rhime
I enjoy the shining stars so bright when i’m just near, here by your side,

I see an ever lasting glow in your pure blue eyes
You are so pure and devine,
I’ve waited and prayed for a soul mate
Now i’m ready to be happy entering the heavenly gates,

A kiss
then I feel you breathe
This feels not owned by me,
Such precious lips
More valuable then daimonds and peals
Stolen Kisses I have yet to earn

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