Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 14, 2014

IN GOING ALONE………~by Rajendra Padhi




I am colder than ice in wintry nights
Eyes are frozen lakes, tears are snow
The memory like birds in sleep in trees
The breath like fatigue travellers in desert,
Falling like a leaf from barren trees
The nightingale of my heart silent to sing.

Our sweetest stops are mossy on our ways
I am like the dry grass in the field
Broken lose I am crumpled and flayed,
Like yellow petals shrivelled at twilight
O, Dismal evening don’t stay longing me.

Life falls apart on ground like ash of coal
I dare not to see me growing old in time,
Let me not invisible from your sight
Like smoke curling into the abyss of sky.

I slip like sand by waves of time on shore
I give my dreams like my spear to a foe,
I am unable to stand on edge of a hill
Likely to fall like snow from a gallant tree.

Lost all my ways the jungle I never knew,
No longer will I cry for the dead at night!
Nor sing of the living like the violin strings
I am left standing alone withering in my winter.

Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi


  1. This is so beautiful 🙂

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