Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 14, 2014

International Youth Day~by Rajendra Padhi



International Youth Day

Your thoughts are of rarest bloom
Gently enters into tomorrow’s dreams,
Unrivaled and matchless in strength
The language of love like bird’s song,
The one whose spirit like fire sparks
No stream like you can conquer space,
If you desire turn desert into fertile land
You are a painter, the earth is the canvas.

Don’t writhe and gnaw in toxic drugs
Don’t be merciless like wolf for blood,
Wind not snake around your neck
Everything that spoils your fragrant days,
Never become cleaver like thieves of night
Walking on path of lies betray our Master,
Dog and man differs to tread on holy path
Never do such things to be ugliest of all.

Life as an art differs in subtle ways
Spread it out over all softly as a lover,
Time flees away but art remains for ever
Hold our hands and hearts safe and secure,
You are the angels in storms and flood
Guiding us to a world of faith and love.
Like a pole star you guide the world
To reach horizon’s forlorn –lands.

You are the dreamer of dreams
Melodies sweet in burrow of sorrow,
You are like the river ever flowing
Like the wind ever blowing,
A prophet dreaming in the desert
A fragrant spring of glorious sight
Bless million in unending dreams.

Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi

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