Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 14, 2014

“Smiling”~by Leon A. Walker




…And then,
as if welcomed by the angels-
from out of that drape of darkness,
came my exquisite goddess of love.
She rescued me;
as I wandered that endless
barren day.
She took my hand,
and walked me to the apex
where love rained warmly down;
drenching our blended souls.
This was our golden nuptial-
spoken on whispering winds.
She shed one joyous tear,
and I swept it away,
with tender lips.
I held her delicately within,
securing her to me always.
She softly spoke my name
as I lead her to the sunrise.
And somewhere,
for a time-
the gods were smiling…

An American Collaboration

Photograph by: Mindy McGregor
Poem and Layout by: Leon A. Walker

I have to extend a huge thank you to my friend, Mindy McGregor for agreeing to work on this project with me. She is a marvelous photographer and I am very excited about what we have created together.

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