Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 14, 2014

‘The Struggle’~by Mary Cecil



‘The Struggle’

Man proposes and God disposes
And I am disappointed in my fellow man,
What to do when I want to fight,
Fight for a belief,
And others don’t even see the fight

How can you persuade the non- persuadable?
How can you convince with the beauty of the belief?
When it’s so elusive to the non believer
Where can the answer come from?

Is there some divine inspiration?
Are these to be my limitations,
These offences and misjudgements
That are flung into the pools of life

That ripple to some vast shore
And reverberate with sorrow,
The incomprehension of the issue
That divides in endless consequences

And in the centre of the storm
Should I surrender my soul?
Do the ends justify the means?
Where are the answers?

Mary Cecil


  1. Lovely 🙂

  2. Thank you aphroditeanderson for your comment, I appreciate it.Thank you bloggers also for your likes.

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