Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 16, 2014

Sauna Dreams~by Rik Bertrand



Sauna Dreams

Walls dripping with tears of dew,
Mist falls upon my skin.
The heat makes my body hot,
I can feel a tingle deep within.

Salty sweat drips from pores,
I can taste it in the air.
I close my eyes to ponder,
And I feel your presence here.

My body begins to shiver,
As Goosebumps do appear,
I feel your touch upon me,
And my body begins to sear.

Now all bets are off,
I need what I feel is coming,
Let your spirit move me,
While emotions are running.

Hot and salty, moist and wet,
I love the steamy sauna,
I like it most when I can dream,
Of a man that I just wanna.

©REB (MAY 2014 #25) Imagine the heat in a sauna…. Slip sliding away……

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