Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 17, 2014

burning love~by Jurgen Uiterdijk



burning love

when you are in love and passion
everything fits perfect
everything seemed so well
just to know the opposite
sometimes it feels the road to hell

it’s the love to deny the pain
it’s the love for bottles of wine
it’s love of all kind of addictions
it feels so lovely and so great
all painful memories much to frame

give me the burning love
let me feel how painful things can be
set me free in accepting the pain
give me the words for forgiveness
reality above illusions

it’s burning love that sets me free
it’s burning love for health and let me feel
it’s burning love for realising how I’m
sweet sadness freedom memories
in the passion for life and so on

burning love what do you choose life or hell
burning love in feeling you’re way out
burning love in the healing inside
burning love as the whisper of the night
burning, burning, turning love
(copyrights, ameen, 2014)

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