Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 19, 2014

A typical day, rather morning! ~ by rldubour



A typical day, rather morning!

Morning honey. Did you have a good night’s sleep?
It snowed again last night; I hope it’s not too deep.
Must be deep enough the kids stayed home from school.
Don’t reach like that, you’ll hurt yourself, get the kitchen stool!
I need a cup of coffee as I sit and try to wake.
I tell her that she’s beautiful, she replies ‘for heaven sake.”

I just got out of bed and haven’t even combed my hair.
Be quiet until I wake up or go on back upstairs!
I was sitting nice and peaceful drifting in my thoughts.
Thinking about the grocery store and everything I bought.
It’s outrageous for the price of food and what things cost today.
I smiled and drank my coffee, what else could I say?

I take my second cup of java and head for our PC.
I check the weather and the news and emails that are for me.
When my routine is over I have to write a poem.
Wait till the site is loaded then I click on home.
All I need it just one word this is where I start.
Be assured that all the words come directly from my heart.

By this time the phone is ringing, someone wants to talk.
My wife yells from the kitchen, taking Eddie for a walk.
Eddie is the baby, a Jack Russell breed.
Talk about spoiled, he has every thing he needs!
He is really something he makes you laugh all day.
We haven’t told him that he is a dog, he won’t believe it anyway.

I guess I should change this title; I am still in morning mode.
I will make this the last stanza and see how this one goes.
We are just an average family and want you all to know.
I look forward now to read your works as well as mine to show.
I will judge your work for meaning and the message of your write.
And not because you missed a comma or your spelling is not quite right.

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