Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 19, 2014

Our feet know the path!~by Partha Sarathi Paul



Our feet know the path!

A break up is never the last nail.
We can get over many coffins.
If others make up their minds
That they’ll give up the path
They once chose ,let that be!

A life is too long a way:
the feet of friends are too small!
Who is gone is gone!
No matter if the road is alone!

You can`t stop the walk anyway.
Stumbles are there; so common!
Who is gone is gone!
No matter the road is alone!

Look back and see the heads.
They are so many at your back
They are like just themselves!
You’ll come face-to-face if you turn back.

But how will you walk ahead
looking back to the tail of the front road?
You better follow the forward steps.
Your feet will obey and count the heavy steps!

The hands are few
that`ll hold your hand!
Train your voice to sing a chorus
in a master solo band!

Never ever dump one or you`ll earn qualms.
When others leave the way,
you don`t go astray!
Your feet know the way written in your palms!

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