Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 23, 2014

Daily missive breaks into the weekend. Saturday the 23rd of August.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend. Saturday the 23rd of August.

Do I yet know,
Just who I am,
What I am meant to be,
When, even after all these years
Nothing is clear.
Even though my eyes
Are open,
I am sightless.
And if I look twice,
I am doubly blind.

If I pretend
My path is laid out
Before me,
It makes me a liar.
But still yet,
One who seeks the truth.
Is that enough,
When my journey
Has been a series
Of accidents.
And the way,
So often hidden
Beneath the obscure
Meanings I give
To my mistakes.

When, we each
Seek to know ourselves,
Only to find
We are less than
We believed,
But more than we
Hoped to be.

Was it my father
Who forged my
Need to grow?
When he left me,
Needing answers
To so many questions
Never asked.
When I thought
I was better for
Not expecting
Him to know,
Until too late,
I realise, he lies
Within me, anyway.
And for all my
Trying to leave,
I have remained
In the same place.
Crouching within
The safe haven of my soul.
Filling a deep hole
With a pocket full of
Character building

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