Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 23, 2014

~Death-Bed~~by Anjali Kullu




Suffocating in the hands of time
Lying calm for the slumber to break in
Rest being my sole prime
Every ticking seconds can’t take in..

Can actually count the passing moment
Chill breeze caressing me naked
Awaiting for my paitence to faint
As my last wish is being fulfilled..

Illusion of my dreamy eyes
Delusion created by my own mind
Seems to be unreal otherwise
Of digging grave with my own grind..

I’m dying at last – one of my wish
Walking through the narrow line of life and death
Touched by the life taking kiss
By a piercing warrior of wrath..

Completely deprived of zeal to live
Pleading for my last breath to succeed
Leaving behind my memories to deceive
With my double life that i always hid..

Ever unreadable my teary eyes
Door to my straining soul
Cutting my real self from each ties
Putting up a smile always foul..

Out of my own reach i dwelt
In some la la land of fake happiness
Insanely glea i always felt
A so called joy i still harness..

Time being the piolet of my existence
About to end my jolly good ride
Hereby, withdrawing its last reins
Freed from the whirlpool of worldly tide..

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