Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 25, 2014





I know your heart is broken
And everyone is stomping on the pieces
I know breathing hurts now
And you feel you can do this no more
I know there is a weight on your soul
And you are afraid to look into your mind because of the scary thoughts that are ready to pounce on you
I know you are tired of trying and losing every day
And the only time you are at peace is when you are asleep
I know you feel painfully alone among your own people
And a continuous stream of questions is flowing inside you
I know it’s like you are being stripped off your sanity with every passing second
And everything looks so nightmarish to be true
Try to hang in there a little bit longer, okay?
All’s gonna be good soon
I wish I could say that one day all the bad times will be erased from the book of your life
But that would be a lie
Though I assure you all the pages of your book are not written in the dark ink
Lights are on the way
Just meet yourself halfway
I know you are tired love
But just few steps to go
I can see your life standing some feet away ready to embrace you in its arms
Don’t give it up just yet
Because you still have life in you
You are not finished yet you see
Stay strong…

P.S. This is an old poem of mine which has already been published online but felt like re-posting it one more time. Maybe someone needs it and I wish that someone doesn’t exist.

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