Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 25, 2014

THE TRUTH NEVER TOLD~by Edidiong Etukudoh




Religion whips the world hard
That cilice belt
That draws blood from
Blinded fanatics
Religion whips the world rough
That voice that echoes
” Burn them all, unbelievers
pagans, heretics”
Religion whips the world hard
That voice that says” kill the
unrighteous and get virgins
In heaven”
I ask” is heaven some brothel
Sharing girls?”
Religion whips the world crazy
That tongue that demands
Endless sacrifice of
Human blood
Like God is some vampire
Getting high with
Human blood
Religion whips the world to pulp

Here is the truth
God doesn’t need all that religion
Some savage gather disciples
For themselves
Dishing endless shits
As key to meet God
Call me an unbeliever
If you may
The only religion that is
Is truth, love, peace
And justice
I just wonder when the
World will wake up
Many a war has been fought
Protecting this lunacy
But we are just
Too blind to see
And so
Religion whips the world
Hard, a pity
When will we ever learn?

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