Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 25, 2014

Who am I?~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Who am I?

I am the one, who the winds in my path gathers
I am the one who in Life’s wars suffers
I am the one who laughs with my eyes full of tears
I am the one who for death sings of life’s wonders
I am the one who to curses blessings do answers
That’s who I am

My heart is a tank filled with
past bitterness
My eyes, like pool of blood with redness
My hair blown with the breeze of wildness
My voice cracked and shrill with hoarseness
My feet walked the painful path of darkness
That is who I am

I nursed to life a garden of painful vine
Blooming flowers devoid of scent divine
Your offered hands of salvation I decline
Bloodied tongue I assured you I am fine
The burden of carrying a cursed cross is mine
That is who I am

I traveled the wide desert of no oasis
No place of rest to lighten the burdens as is
No spring of water for my thirst to ease
No hope seen for my life a new lease
So let not my pains burden you too, please
For that is what I am

thanks 4d inspiration Edidiong Etukudoh

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