Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 26, 2014

………. DESERT IN LIFE…..,,, ~by DrSatyender ParkashAas



………. DESERT IN LIFE…..,,,

Desert in human life never ends
Our gloomy faces ever pretend,
Silky rough drying smiles extend
Awesome creamy glows , stunned
Having more wilder deserts of passions,
Storming ever inner sensory sensations,
Full of frustrations, anxieties, disgusts, distrusts,
Running endlessly to find the oasises, fertile grounds,
To replenish life’s supplies, in vain, resounds
In the selfish waves of wild stromy life deserts,
Wider than the world’s largest deserts
Sahara, Rub’ al Khali, Gobi, Patagonian, Kalahari
Great Victoria, Basin, Sandy, Sonoran, Garagum deserts
Human heart, mind, now dear an arid area of passions
Usually very hot, full of sand, gravel, rock with little
Or no vegetations, no permanent bodies of life
And erratic rainfall of love, affectation, sociable things
Now a deprived place devoid of some desirable things.
Oh, we are living in a more wider cultural desert.
Horrifying me fully these, wilder deserts of life’s!!!

Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”, 26-08_2014

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