Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 27, 2014





I have seen you from the closest
Still I can see there is a veil between us
You are trying to hide something from me
Maybe you are afraid that my feelings for you will change
Is it scars?
Is it a tragic childhood?
Is it the reminder that you were once cut and sewn back?
Is it something that I can’t even imagine?
Whatever it is, I don’t care
I loved you ever since my eyes found you
I still do and will be in love with you until the time comes to go
I want you to drop the veil
I understand it must be difficult to let me in
You are not something that I can fix
Because you are not broken
I want to kiss you scars no matter how hideous you think they look
For me they are not the traces of your imperfection
They are reminders of your strength
Things were supposed to crush you to the ground
And you fought your way back to life
I admire you for that and in my eyes your place is way up high
I want to fill your gashes with my love
Maybe that’s why they are there
The memories so bad that they still haunt you?
I want to give you so many beautiful memories
That your heart won’t be able to hold on to the bad
Whatever it is you don’t want to show me
I already love it and one day I will make you love that too
We will be sitting together with no veils between us
Just you, me and our love.

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