Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 27, 2014

“It Is Not Enough”~by Leon A. Walker



“It Is Not Enough”

She studies me with warm probing eyes
Collecting thoughts pre-formed

The long-stemmed rose which captivates
Blind to all but the vision of our hearts

She laughs at me while smiling at us
Reducing us to carefree children

The simplest of movements’ proportion
A woman tender yet chic beyond concept

She feeds me bits of sunshine
With a silver spoon of adoration

I hear her speaking to my soul
However near or far

We drink from the well of passion’s wonder
We navigate by the stars in our universe

Presenting the whole of our giving
There is no higher obligation or grace

Then standing at the edge of our world
We comprehend the limits of the sound

The beautiful music we dance exceeds the confines
It is not enough . . . to say I love you

© Leon A. Walker


  1. So skilfully written and so romantic.A great poem!

    • yes he is very good with pen

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