Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 27, 2014

Secret Admirer~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Secret Admirer

Secret love I have for a long-time friend
Should I uncover the secret and send
If it is known would our friendship end
Would my feelings be taken to offend
Awkward situation difficult to mend
See me as a fiend better off to fend

A beauty from afar I would admire
With words of wisdom others to inspire
Her passion that lits frozen hearts on fire
And grace to arouse a dead man’s desire
Born in a tangled web of mischief mire
Will my love bring her consequences dire

But to her I could not stop my lips say
Courage my love there is another way

Freewill that shall change your destiny path
Freewill for bitter memory to bath
Freewill not to false sense of duty cling
Free will for rose-tinted glasses to fling
Surest way for a spirit to kill
Is to lose one’s own free will

Secret love I have for you my dear friend
Should I ask you for principles to bend
If I force you will our friendship end
If my words hurt your feelings and offend
Then love and care is my only defend

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