Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 27, 2014

Solitary Sunset~by Leon A. Walker



Solitary Sunset

Tangled in the stillness of undergrowth,
this heart, long lost in crippling gloom-
was once so full of song…
Cast mute by the hollow winds of loneliness
no longer can I find my fond refrain.
Scarcely do I recall some melody;
but gone are the words, I would give to you.
Restrained by the enduring travail of emptiness,
I fear my voice, forever lost…
No less the fading heartbeat;
that once, drummed the tempo for such glorious love.
And yes, a glorious life…
Though now, I am consigned only my imaginings;
that the wilted leavings of love-
may well, be all that remain,
for yet another heir, to the solitary sunset…

Leon A. Walker – From my book “Equinox”

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