Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 28, 2014

Feeling the Heat~by Rik Bertrand



Feeling the Heat

I see you in a fiery light,
Your beauty radiates hot.
Wisps of flame fly at me,
And our devoured when their caught.

Your glowing aura swirls around,
Mixing with my own,
Passions blaze like red hot coals,
As both our hearts do moan.

Loving you without a single touch,
Our souls mingle in the fire.
Feeling the heat of all you are,
Fulfilling all true desire.

Dreams and fantasies are like this,
The never ending rapture.
This is a moment in time,
That my heart wants to capture.

©Rik Bertrand ( AUG 2014 #35) Thanks Jen for the Photo…. It set me on fire….

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