Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 28, 2014

“Your Way”~by Leon A. Walker



“Your Way”

I hope you find your way-
no matter the roads you venture upon.
And as you wander, in life’s unpredictable terrain;
I pray that the paths you travel,
are lined with beds of rose petals.
That rays of streaming sunlight,
warm you to the core of your soul…

I still see you walking away-
disappearing over the horizon of my heart.
Happiness fills my memories of you;
celebrating the magnificent dance of life.

Recalling the visions of our once love;
that page that I could never dare turn.
And the light in your eyes,
that still colors my dreams-
secures my truest love everlasting;
until you find your way,
back to me. . .

Leon A. Walker – From my book “Equinox”

This is a project that was done with my friends Janny Berends Beeuwkes from the Netherlands, and my long-time friend H. Maria Perry. Thank you both for your willingness to work together.

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