Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 29, 2014





What is a hairline?
It marks a boundary to the forest
A milestone saying woods ahead
Only forest in the world with its tracks clean and clear
Nothing unknown lies behind the bushes
Unless it hasn’t rained in forest for way too many days
Your own dark forest that fills you with sheer delight
You shape the trees every day and take pride
Everyone walks with their own private forest
It fills me with amusement to think that
Types and sizes of forests vary with the people owning them
But, everyone love their forest as same
But what about those who are missing the fence that distinguishes the plains from the barren land?
They must feel light without the burden of trees on their skull
Do they find it exhilarating or it worries them?
Rain drops must felt really good to their infertile plains
Winds must be really soothing to those naked heads
The rebels who have no respect for the boundaries
The ones who live their lives on the dangerous edge
The beauty they are I can’t describe in words
They are simply bald and beautiful.

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