Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 29, 2014

Oceans of sorrows~by Joaquin Muramontes



Oceans of sorrows

Oceans of sorrows
the wave of pains
the sea of life
where i embarked
in the trials of
hurts and crys
my jorney
ive traveled
sailing broken
lost at shore
tearing on harbors
that coasted my drops
on sand
no one could understand
how deep the waters are
when ur drowning alone
where death has to be better
then feeling what ur going thr
youve been anchored down
in the abyss
burly breathing

then u yell at the heavens
and surrender
the mighty god
hears your plea
and your soul flees
with sobs and tears
in fetal position crying
cause no human could
fill that void
hope arises u
and u leave the past behind
that has held u down for
u set your heart and mind
and compass any tycoon
that may come your way
with courage and confidence
piering with truth….god….jm

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