Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 30, 2014

UNCERTAIN ARE STEPS…….~by Rajendra Padhi




We are our enemies in uncertain steps
We flow like a river knowing not ways,
A desert stands thrusting sand around
Drying our life deceives us from goals.

We continue our frivolous search here
The sand glows in mirages of water,
We are lost like hairpin in our roads
Turns our temple grey in our quests.

We are driven like cattle forest ward
Grab life in our flight for green grass.
Ways lead us unto ways veiled for eyes
The night hunts in its sport for blood.

Our ego sits like a tiger in wounds roars
The pain born out of a challenge to win,
Like a meteor we are in brazen anger
Burn our soul move in unknown space.

Love is outworn of tinkling songs to play
our steps take us far away down and down,
vanishing us like a fish in a running brook
Unsettle us in a flow till our breath is still.

A cloud of sighs becomes music of flute
Lures not when we are like shadow of trees,
Desires melt like glacier in our old age
Walk to and fro alone to understand ways.

Composed and copy right by RAJENDRA K. PADHI

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