Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 30, 2014

Walking Through Moonlight~by Zillur Rahman Shuvro



Walking Through Moonlight

I was walking through a moonlit night of the winter
The magic of night bewildered me like a hidden hunter.
A rippling sound was echoing on the chest of the river
And mangroves were sleeping as if grappling each other.
The cornfield was covered by the wrapper of deep mist
And a nocturnal jackal was crossing me from the east.
The sensitive plants were bending down faces with shame
A blinking star was calling a camouflaged firefly by its name.
I was obsessed by the marvelous beauty
Suddenly from behind someone hugged me.
My beautiful beloved who stood apart from long days
To see her surprising waves were rolling in the sea of eyes.
‘How are you?’ She asked me in trembling heart
‘Not so fine!’ Walking side by side I answered.
Still you’re embedded in my heart like a prickly stuff
Sometimes I feel a male can’t live without better half.
Speechless for a little time and tear drops on her face
Bitter memories evoked her but she was walking with grace.
My heart was aching for her…I griped her soft hand
But our fate was unfortunately submerged into quick-sand.
‘Don’t touch me!’ she screamed out…’Man is alone by birth!
And who can kiss his bad time…he’s happy in the earth.’
But I know lonely life is very painful like flickering fire
Life as if boat of hope and despair…she melted away in the air.

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