Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2014

Big Sky Country

Poesy plus Polemics

Big Sky Country Montana Photo from Big Sky Country
Photo from

night falls like a guillotine
drop-slicing home
in a groove of horizon
beheading the sun
landscape stings
from the seeping
hot blood of the day
but a blood that gives
nourishing cycle
to all that’s alive

wild stallions
flare nostrils suffused
with the blood-scent
of panic at dangers
attending assailable
hours of dreams
till the herd finds
its memory calming
and cooling its flanks

gray wolves and
antelope halt from
their rippling sequence
of chase and escape
to await as the
towering massive
black blade
resolves itself into
a beacon of moonlight
and pattern of stars

nocturnal instincts
revoke the diurnal
raw pageant of wilderness
slowing the heartbeats
of predators prey and
we uninvolved bystander
creatures who settle
to gentler pursuits
until dawn once again
reveals glorious life
in its pathos and bliss
under endless blue sky

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