Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2014

Daily missive for Tuesday the 2nd of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 2nd of September.

Not a toy,
A gaudy bracelet
Wrapped in golden foil.
A birthday gift,
From a child.
Tightly bound,
In brightly coloured
Tissue paper.
Nestled in cotton wool,
Carefully placed,
Too fragile to touch.
Made from shells
Like fresh laid eggs.
And you,
The mother hen,
Closely guarding
A secret stash,
In a treasure chest
Full of history.
Where the mystery
Of your life
Is held.

Childhood memories,
In pink and blue,
A tiny sock
Baby shoe.
A lock of hair,
Fine and fair.
A baby tooth,
The first to fall.
You, the tooth fairy
For good and all.
And in a brown paper bag,
A baptismal robe,
Too good to wear.
All packed in,
So tenderly.
With a first birthday card,
A gift to Santa,
Thanking him
For remembering.
He always did,
And wish he still came by.

You stop,
To touch the photograph,
A face,
So young,
And still you cry.
Even now,
When so much time has gone
And life, has stolen
Dreams away,
Though memories
Cloud with age,
Words disappear
From the page,
They never, ever die.
Just let them try.

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