Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2014

‘The Birds don’t Sing in Syria’~by Mary Cecil



‘The Birds don’t Sing in Syria’

The birds don’t sing in Syria,
Or know the joy of spring
When flowers bloom and glow,
Lie buried in the wounds of war

The children don’t thrive in Syria,
Or live a life of joy
Imprisoned and encased,
In sepulchres of silence

Mothers don’t sleep in Syria,
Serene in sweet contentment
But suffer in the scarring darkness,
That hides their children’s hunger

Forgotten in the spirals of ceaseless war,
Where kill or die reigns supreme
Fermenting in the yeast of destruction,
The seeds of hatred grow

Will we ever hear,
The silenced yearning longing
For peace to heal the scars,
With the balm of redeeming forgiveness

Mary Cecil
Rathlin Island

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