Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 5, 2014

Daily missive for Friday the 5th of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 5th of September.

In dreams.
Fears are real,
The things I want
Are things I need.
And even though
Some dreams
May never come to pass,
Dawn will
Remove those
Shadowed souls
From memory.

In truth,
Those magic moments,
Fleeting scenes of youth,
And happy times,
Sustain me,
Through a day
Packed full,
Of grim reality.
As still, no matter
What may come to pass,
Such memories are mine.
To salve my troubled mind.
And so,
Whenever I may need to,
I recall,
The thrill,
Of simple things.

A warm breeze
On a sunny day.
The smell of summer,
Kelp, and cotton candy.
A walk together,
Hand in hand.
A gentle dance,
Atop the sand.
The feel of every single grain,
That clings to skin
Between my toes,
I count them, individually.
Before the lick
Of cool, salt water cleanses me.
And we laugh,
Such simple pleasure,
Forever, mine to treasure.
No thought of yesterday,
Of pain,
Or suffering.
Just me and you,
Walking, together,
Into the blue.

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