Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 5, 2014

HASTEN SLOWLY~by Rajendra Padhi




The sun comes out of golden slumber
Dispels darkness in its blessed light,
Persistently works for us till the dusk
Parting it yields a treasure rare.

The stars in chorus sing of dreams
Waking we discover a sea of hope,
We twinkle till the dawn of our goals
We fitly pull our little life to shore,

Born from the dark the moon glitters
Lights each shadow in its sombre flight,
Creeps into buds of lily in kindly love
It shines in the night in silvery frame.

The ruddy stream comes out of rocky hill
Downward it moves on perilous ways,
Sings so sweet in accents of love flows
Gently in loud hymns finds sunlit-shore.

Winter in sighs of sadness on snowy lips
Withers the grass from its green spirit,
Gathers spring in her womb as child
So elating for flowers swaying in wind.

My steps move around the orbit of Earth
Glancing each goal so distant, so far,
Unceasingly I pray as a child of clay
Find roses blooming in thorny stems.

Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi

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