Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 5, 2014

WORRY BEADS ~by Dr, S. P. Nanda “Aas”




Worry make us all anxious to feel about
Something unpleasant that may have
Happened or may happen in our life
Causing distress, worrisome ever
Human heart having a tendency to worry,
Ourlife a period of anxieties, disgusts
The fever of anxiousness ever exists
Dogs and wolves ever harrassing us
Biting, scratching our throats
Lack of peace of mind, endlessly,
Ever in a troubled state of mind,
Fearing potential difficulties, haunting
An uneasiness, clamping our throats,
Nervous apprehension, of possible misfortune,
Angst, nonspecific chronic worry
The state of the human world full of stress,
Wild storms in passions, hate, anger, frustration
Tear at our sensibility with teeth to shake us fully
Kept us thinking about invisible problems
Repeatedly in an effort to find a solution.
So I love to carry always, a string of beads
For fingering and playing with eagerness
When the severe strokes over haunting
When my mind, heart, head feeling tense.
These beads are made of love, care, romance,
I sings the work song, a song sung by people
Working usually with a repetitive rhythm that,
Guides the rhythm of the work being done.,
Live, love, laugh, lance,learn, lean, eat nd drink
Be positive, in sunny rays, relish nature’s winks
And land up joyously with dreams and aims, …
Finally on the happiest path, worrisome not.
Sing, dance and play with these worry beads……!!!!!!

Copyright ©Dr. Satyender Parkash Nanda”Aas”, 03-09-2014..’

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